Dr Susanna VennDr Susanna Venn's research interests in plant ecology stem from working in Australian and New Zealand alpine ecosystems. Specifically, she is interested in how climate change, including reduced snowfalls, may influence plant community patterns, processes and community (re)assembly. Recently, Susanna has investigated the recruitment and dynamics of the Australian treeline, snowpatch community organization and reassembly, shrub invasions into non-shrub dominated communities, species interaction studies (competition and facilitation), and germination, seedbank and phenology studies of many alpine species. She used various tools to tackle these topics; chlorophyll flurometry to understand freezing resistance of species and relate this to their current and potential landscape distributions; and by identifying plant functional traits in order to determine species' role (eg. successful competitor) in the future reassembly of communities. Susanna likes to combine field and laboratory work in order to test ecological theory and this is evident in her recent publications.

For more information visit Susanna's website or contact her by email at susanna.venn@gmail.com.