Stephanie SuterStephanie Suter, is a PhD candidate in the Department of Environmental Management and Ecology at La Trobe University, Albury-Wodonga Campus. She is supervised by Dr Ewen Silvester and Dr Gavin Rees. Stephanie is also a member of the Australian Society for Limnology and the Ecological Society of Australia. Her current research is focused on fungal ecology in alpine streams, in particular aquatic Hyphomycetes and their role in decomposition, carbon flow, food webs and macroinvertebrate nutrition.

Stephanie began her interest in fungi and the alpine areas of Australia through her Honours research, where she investigated the aquatic Hyphomycete communities within streams of the Bogong High Plains National Park.

Stephanie loves working in the Australian Alps and feels that they are the most important environments in the country, not only for their beauty, flora and fauna, but because they are the source waters for so many of our important water catchments. She believes that if we don’t understand what is happening at the top of our catchments, in terms of the physical, chemical and biological processes we are likely to mismanage them, potentially leading to very serious problems downstream.

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