Dr Neville WalshNeville Walsh is the Senior Conservation Botanist at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. His work involves survey and development of recovery strategies for threatened Victorian plants as well as taxonomic research in a number of plant groups, principally the genus Pomaderris in the family Rhamnaceae, Melicytus (Violaceae) and genera of Australian Asteraceae, Poaceae and Lobeliaceae (Campanulaceae subfamily Lobeloideae). Neville has a background in botanical survey, particularly of alpine/subalpine vegetation, and continues with this work from time to time. He is co-editor of the four volume Flora of Victoria and has submitted accounts of various plant groups for publication in the Flora of Australia. He is a member of the Australian Plant Census working group, the Mountain Invasions Research Network (MIREN) and is a member of recovery teams for threatened plants and animals in Victoria.