Dr Michael NashDr Michael Nash is a postdoc researcher investigating alpine invertebrates’ response to warming, as part of the Australian Research Council funded Australian ITEX project. He is based at the University of Melbourne where he completed his PhD in 2008. Michael is interested in functional biodiversity, which stems from PhD research that demonstrated native ground beetles (Carabidae) can control exotic pest slugs. Michael has discovered a number of novel spider (Micropholcommatidae and Lycosidae) species in alpine grasslands, with the help of taxonomists based at the West Australian Museum. The conservation of key predatory groups, such as spiders and ground beetles, will help alpine/sub alpine ecosystems resist future challenges posed by climate change and invasive species. Understanding plant / invertebrate / soil interactions has seen the welcome expansion of projects aimed at quantifying invertebrates roles in these highly unique Australian ecosystems.

For more information contact Michael at manash@unimelb.edu.au.