Dr Joslin MooreDr Joslin Moore is a senior ecologist at the Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology. She is one of the principal investigators in the Quantitative and Applied Ecology Group. Her current focus is working with practitioners to address invasive species management problems using decision theory, population models and other quantitative tools. More broadly her research interests include the theory of the origin and maintenance of biological diversity, predicting the impact of exotic species, developing management strategies for their control and using optimisation tools and decision theory to identify and prioritise areas of high conservation value.

Current alps related research projects are:

  • Using structured decision making and models to improve the management of invasive willows on the Bogong High Plains.

  • Estimating detection rates of invasive hawkweed species using search experiments (in collaboration with Dr Cindy Hauser)

  • Untangling the drivers of productivity, diversity and invasion in grasslands. I have established a site on the Bogong High Plains as part of the global NutNet cooperative grassland experiment (in collaboration with Dr John Morgan).

  • For more information vist Joslin's wesbite or contact her at joslinm@unimelb.edu.au.