James Shannon is a member of John Morgans lab in the Department of Botany at La Trobe University. He is currently a PhD. candidate and his research is looking at vegetation patterns and dynamics in Sphagnum and restiad-dominated peatlands in alpine, subalpine and montane areas of eastern Victoria. The main focus of his project is an examination of floristic differences within and between several sub-regions, along gradients in altitude and proximity to oceanic influences. He is also looking at links between observed patterns and several environmental variables, particularly climate, fire, and landscape context. The project has also involved some monitoring of water table behaviour and microclimate in different peatland communities. Recent fires have also provided opportunities to examine burning patterns and post-fire regeneration in peatlands. James has had a long love affair with the Victorian Alps, and when not conducting research, he enjoys exploring the region on foot!

James can be contacted by email at jmshannon1962@hotmail.com.