Dr Gary Clark is a tutor in soil science based in the Department of Agriculture at La Trobe University. Since 2010 he has been involved with research studying the effects of warming on soil nutrient cycles and its effect on vegetation in the alpine environment of southern Australia. This work is part of the ARC linkage project “An Integrated Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change on Victorian Alpine Ecosystems: Detecting and Managing Ecological Change”. Gary is interested in the effects of a warming climate on soil carbon processes in the alpine environment. Soil carbon will be affected by increased mean temperature, altered rainfall distribution and increased fire frequency in alpine environments. This will have many consequences for the alpine ecosystem. Other interests are soil pedology, and the affect of soil on the distribution of plants in the alpine environment. Gary’s favourite locations are somewhere in the mountains of Victoria and Tasmania.

Gary can be contacted at G.Clark@latrobe.edu.au.