Associate Professor Ewen SilvesterDr Ewen Silvester is an aquatic biogeochemist and associate professor in the Department of Environmental Management and Ecology (DEME) at the Albury-Wodonga Campus of La Trobe University. His research interests are broadly in nutrient and carbon regulation processes in alpine wetlands and headwater streams.

Current research projects are:

  • The role of groundwater composition in controlling the distribution and associations of groundwater dependent bryophytes (mosses) (in collaboration with Vicki McCartney).

  • The dynamics of carbon and nutrient export from alpine wetlands in response to pulse rain events (storms).

  • The decomposition of snowgum leaves by aquatic fungi and the effects on the food value of this substrate for aquatic macroinvertebrates (in collaboration with Dr Gavin Rees and Stephanie Suter).

  • Ewen can be contacted by email at

    or by telephone on +61 (0)2 6024 9878.