Dr Dick WilliamsDr Dick Williams is a Plant Ecologist with CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences in Darwin. He received his PhD in the dynamics of Australian alpine vegetation from the University of Melbourne in 1985, and joined CSIRO in 1991.  Prior to joining CSIRO he was a Lecturer in the Department of Biological Sciences at Monash University in Melbourne (1987-1990) and a Tutor at the University of Melbourne (1986).

His expertise is in landscape ecology, fire ecology, and long-term vegetation dynamics. He works in the vast tropical savanna landscapes of northern Australia and in Australia’s precious alpine landscapes.  He has published widely on these environments, and is the author of more than 100 refereed scientific publications.

He is currently on the scientific advisory board of the Terrestrial Biodiversity Network of the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF).  In the recent past he has had senior scientific advisory positions on the Australian Research Council (ARC) Biological Sciences College of Experts, and the ARC Australia-New Zealand Vegetation Function Network. He has been an Associate Editor for several international Journals, and has served on several high-level State Government advisory committees.

Dick has been working in the Victorian high country for over 30 years.  His detailed work on shrub-grass dynamics, the impacts of cattle on alpine landscapes, and his pioneering studies of fire in alpine vegetation have all increased our understanding of the ecology of these fragile environments. Currently, the main focus of his work is on the interactions between climate change and fire on the ecology of alpine grasslands and open heathlands, through the OzTEX climate change experiment. His expert opinions on the ecology and management of the Victorian Alps have been sought by Victorian Government land management agencies (Parks Victoria; Department of Sustainability and Environment). He is currently Chair of the Parks Victoria Environment and Scientific Advisory Group.

Dick can be contacted by email at dick.williams@csiro.au

or by Telephone on +61 (0)8 8944 8426.