Dr Alison MonsantDr Alison Monsant is a Research Associate at La Trobe University, Department of Agricultural Science, Melbourne, Australia. She is currently researching soil nutrient processes and vegetation dynamics in response to global warming and fire events in the Victorian Alps, Australia. This current research addresses the soil ecological component of the ARC linkage project “An Integrated Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change on Victorian Alpine Ecosystems: Detecting and Managing Ecological Change”.

Alison has a PhD in Agriculture (soil chemistry, plant physiology and plant chemistry) (January 2011). She holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science and a Bachelor of Biological Science which extend her life-long study of diverse natural ecosystems and an interest in environmental interactions between abiotic and biotic components. Alison is interested in using unique methods of analysis to probe the interactive effects between the soil and plants in response to changing or stressful abiotic conditions. Her PhD was titled ‘Phytoremediation: impacts of nitrogen form on zinc interactions in the soil and plant system’. Alison has experience in analytical and instrumental chemistry, and specific techniques such as synchrotron instrumentation and metabolomic profiling.

Alison can be contacted at A.Monsant@latrobe.edu.au.